Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Longest english lesson of my life

i had to live through an hour but what felt like a year of english today. i like a girl and her friends apparently found out we did somthing at a party so they decided to make english hell by teasing her with puns made from my second name(its a strange second name)... i think its safe to say im very socially awrkward.. this didnt help.


  1. Oh, just laugh about it with them. And joke about it too. after a while it will stop being awkward :)

  2. Your troubles pale in comparison to others.
    I would suggest getting a good rifle like an AR-15 for to keep as a hobby. They're nice guns, but don't get a piston one, stick with the direct impingement.


    Pistons suck and are very pricey.

    Stick with a .223 upper, buy a .22 one down the road if you feel like it.

    1. indeed i will have to think about that. thankyou :)

  3. Just talk to her, doesn't matter what they say :) If you don't mind, she will notice it and it won't bug her too