Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My old blogspot

i do have another blogspot which i made a couple of days ago, i decided not to use it, it basically just had all about me on it and my intrestes so ill just quote it in this blog--
"This is my first post so i guess ill take the time to explain a little bit about myself...
I'm the type of person who likes to think. I think about alot of things from why we are here, to what do i fancy for breakfast, i also like maths and solving problems along with programming which i have a slight interest in but i am not that advanced yet atall and would appreciate any help i could get learing. Which brings me to my last major love, Gaming! i love gaming, i love being able to escape the world and be someone else, i like to feel part of somthing with the community, i love challinging myself and eventually beating the challenges. 
I have never done anything like this before this is completely new to me so im just gonna say whatever comes up at the time(obviously related to my day or whats been happening) and generally just keep up to date. 
Love George x"

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My funny friend and my stupid friend

my friend has never failed to see the bright side of things, hes not that great with the ladies but he could make almost anyone laugh, somthing seruious happened to one of my friends involving fraud, he couldnt help himself making puns like "you can bank on me!" , "you can Account on us not to tell anyone", "Don't wory you'll be fined"or "This will al blow over..draft"... terrible puns i know, but when the person there aimed at potentially faces prison.. fucking funny! ...ahh im a cunt.

Longest english lesson of my life

i had to live through an hour but what felt like a year of english today. i like a girl and her friends apparently found out we did somthing at a party so they decided to make english hell by teasing her with puns made from my second name(its a strange second name)... i think its safe to say im very socially awrkward.. this didnt help.